Robert A. Mickelsen

raytraced and drawn art

Biographical notes
Robert Mickelsen is a surfer, a glass-blower and a resident of Melbourne Beach,
Florida. A native of Hawaii, he is married and the father of two sons, and has adjusted comfortably to the smaller and more manageable Florida waves. Computer graphics is a nocturnal hobby for Mickelsen, whose days are occupied with his own glassblowing business, where he makes art vessels for sale to art galleries nationally. For Mickelsen, the computer is a toy and computer art is strictly for fun, recreation rather than serious creation. He has been raytracing for less some three years.

Robert Mickelsen is a master of POV-Ray, the freeware raytracing program. His raytraces are extraordinary for their heightened sense of photorealism. A meticulous technician, his images are always closely observed and finely lighted. Three of Micklesen's images here are raytraced: "Sundae," "Teaparty" and "Creation". But he is also a fine drafstsman, as we see in "Oxcart", which was mostly an exercise in CorelDRAW!, the drawing program. The oxcart itself was modelled from a photograph. Its intricate detail is the result of patient hours of drawing and copying.

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