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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art
139 11th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215
The Brooklyn Internationale
July 17 through August 7, 2009
718 788 1313

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Susanne Ahmadpour
Inner and Outer Beauty

Mark Allen

Icon #3

Daniel C. Boyer
The Rainy Fogs in the Platypus Heart
Drown the Wolverine's Expectations of Townhouse Life

Andrew Cole

Tom Crayns
Dream Catcher

Abe Cushing

Kollol Das
Maya the Delusion

Troy Eittreim
Sponge Bob, Watering the Dream

Eva Gyorffy

Banu Haznedar
Black Line

JD Jarvis
Sin Testigos
Oral History
Vinegar Hill

Audrey Mott Kilgore
Untitled 4

Jan Kölling
Hook, Brush and Dry
Megaman - Liliput

Hannah Lake
Orange Room
Feel the Pain
Purple Peacock

Myriam Lozada
Dance Motif Circa 1930
Nightfall in Ukiyo
33rd and 3rd

Randy Morris
Evening Flowers

Georgie Ondaga
Desperate Housewives

David Ostro
Clearing in the Space
Space in the Clearing
The Clearing

Mary Sargent
Painted Abstract I
Painted Abstract II
Painted Abstract III

Francisco Sarries

Kader Surmeli

Ron Walker

Marianne Wiedenfeld
H11-24 Schrenk
H11-28 Jungle Waltz
H12-1 It's Just Fun

Jay Wilson
The Sandman

Shige Yamada
The Floating World

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