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The Donnie 2009 International Contest and Exhibit

MOCA: Museum of Computer Art
139 11th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215
February 3 through February 28, 2009

First Prize $1000.00

Reception and awards ceremony Friday, February 27, 2009, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

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Michael P. Ammel
Houston, We Have a Problem...
Observation of Time and Space

Tom Bovo
Lily and Taylor
West 34th Street

Daniel C.Boyer
Techniques of the Forgotten Sky

Roberta Canestrari
Homage to Sargent - Madame X (L)

Andrew Cole
Quiet Garden

Vincenzo Corrado

Tom Crayns

Jack Cymber
Love on the Rocks
Tree of Knowledge

Bart Daems

Lisle Drake
Sam's Place

Eva Gyorffy
A Triptichon: Loneliness 2009
Loneliness 1
Loneliness 2
Loneliness 3

Juliette Gribnau
Time Flies
Summer Meets Autumn

Kathleen Hamilton
Dreams for Thuy-Nga

Banu Haznedar
Wax Flower
Time Flies By

Tony Heaver-Wren

Werner Hornung
Electric Chair
Crime of Seduction

Jan Kölling
The Newborn Landscape
The Newborn Object

Masters Keep

Verneda Lights
An American Girl

Bisera Makarevic
Keyed In

David Makin
A Cold and Frosty Morning

Randy Morris
Butterfly with Fruit
Holloween on Sixth Ave.

Yvonne Mous
Round the Block

Nicola Pezzetta
Et in Arcadia Ego

Maurizio Piccirillo
The Eyes of My Spirit

Bonnie Quan

Vladimir Rankovic
Mademoiselle Rivière

Tom Repasky
Life Is a Ball

Jörg Riedel

Helga Schmitt
Rocky Town, 2009
Transposition, 2009

Christina Seibold
Nella Fantasia

Rick Spix
Arcane Carvings

Diane Stevenson

Kaye Tynan
Costa Flora

Marianne Wiedenfeld
H 10-12 Jump
H 10-18 Neue Gespenster
H 8-1 Kriptisch

Jay Wilson

Shige Yamada
Art Devolution

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