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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art
139 11th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215
Digitalism II Contest and Exhibit
November 17 thru December 11, 2009

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Ernst Brunzlik

Peter Ciccariello
Syzygy V
The Remains of the Poet III

Lisle Drake
Who Knows?

Bernd Dreilich
Traveling without Moving
Where Is My Mind - Homage to the Pixies

Bernd Dreilich, Hector Pineda and Gromyko Semper
When I Was Mortal

Christopher Glembotzky
The Loneliness of the Lighthouse
Shannon's Visit
Mayan Skies
Jeff Writes
Ben's Big Top
The Knee

Vadim Gorodnitsky
The Expulsion
The Story of Kain and Abel

Jan Kolling
Dostojefsky Syndrome / a New-Born Object

David Makin
The Honeycomb

Lutz Meinart
Round Table
Berlin - Mainstation #1

Randy Morris
Birth of Venus

Mary Sargent
Odd Ball Egg
Dust Bowl

Ursula Selwood
Computer Roses

Gromyko Semper and Bernd Dreilich
Gracing War

B.Felician Siebrecht
Rust of Evolution

Colin Tresadern
'64 Impala Lowrider

Olga Valparaiso
Mujer de Fuego

Marianne Wiedenfeld
H12-24 La Mar
H12-25 Sail Away