February 15, 2017
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The Atelier Progressif Gallery in Catskill NY will be hosting a print exhibit of these images beginning March 4, 2017. For full information about this show, go to:

Atelier Progressif print show Catskill NY

Here are the winners for the Donnie 2017.

First Prize
Jill Rowe
The Big Fall

Second Prize
Bjoern Daempfling
Drei (Three)

Third Prize
Rick Simpson
Ship of Fools

Honorable Mention #1
Eva Gyorffy
0007 Kyra 007

Honorable Mention #2
Raya Grinberg
Ascot Hat

Honorable Mention #3
Diane Vetere
Saltwater Kisses

Honorable Mention #4
Guy Ciarcia
The Penthouse

Honorable Mention #5
Jill Rowe
Lotus Moon

Contest judge
Steve Soper
February, 2017
Steve Soper's website


Charles Carver
Cowboys & Engines

Andrew Cole
Inside Slip

Raya Grinberg

Randall Morris
Skull Art Plate 1

Mary Sargent

Harshad Shah
Mother and Child-1

Bruce Thacker
Kandinsky Colors

Jay Wilson

Shige Yamada
View from my Window

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Art by Francisco Mai

"These are virtual sculptures forged into the intangible substance of bits; three-dimensional models made of calculation and imagination, realistically lighted in complex and detailed rendering.

"The digital art of Francesco Mai is a kind of parallel development of the inorganic, paradoxes of zoology and metallic minerals crystallized in the findings of an alien or extraneous natural history, with a fantastic approach that slips to the the limits of anthropocentrism.

"I am is particularly attracted to the corroded surfaces worn by time as rust, mould, and crushed walls. The same attraction exists for materials physically opposed, as smooth surfaces, translucent and reflective, often used in artistic compositions creating a very strong balance and energy.

"I am Francesco Mai from Italy and I was born in Milan in 1972. I am a digital artist and a photographer. My research was born from the observation of the wonderful shapes of Nature, a research not only for the forms but also for the materials that I use in my sculptures. I love to create objects that don't exist but that are full of life and force, a force that takes place from twisting and sharp prickles: they are needed for protection, never for attack. But their defence could be deadly. Sure my past as biology student and my love for photography (that I still practice, especially in far and forgotten lands like Madagascar, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and so on) has an influence on the final results of my works. I like to use procedural materials like rust and mould, opposite to the glass and shining, reflecting, polished materials that I mix together. A very strong balance takes place with this dualism. I often define my works "alien digital sculptures" because they were born from an organic concept but not terrestrial (or better, not from Mother Nature that we see with ordinarily eyes). Technically my works are rendering; that is, computer simulation, renderings of the objects that I create."

Francisco Mai's Alien Sculpture website

Virtual Sculptures by Francisco Mai

Alien Sculpture 00B


Alien Sculpture 00E


Alien Sculpture 00F


Alien Sculpture 00Q


Alien Sculpture 00U


Alien Sculpture 00W


Alien Sculpture 00X


3d Coat Testa Di Emone

Giullar Demoniac

Man 1

Puntosita Other Side AO

Puntosita Verticale Big PS Elab


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