December 15, 2016
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As an inducement for artists, MOCA has arranged for the Atelier Progressif Creative Space in Catskill NY for a live physical print exhibit of winning and Director's Choice images from this online contest. MOCA will print and hang these images at no charge to the artists. Click for details and full information about this exhibit at:
Atelier Progressif Creative Space

The Donnie 2017 opens for entries Sunday, January 1, 2017. This is a fee-based event. No action need to be taken at this time.

The Donnie 2017 is an online international contest and exhibit open to all digital artists and photographers, beginner or advanced.

It will be our 17th consecutive annual digital art contest. The Donnies are the most prestigious and influential digital art competition on the Web.

Contest offers eight awards to winners: first, second and third prizes plus five honorable mentions; and 12 Director's Choices. These 20 images will be given year-long exposure on the MOCA site, while simulaneously selected for the Atelier Progressif live print show March 4 - 31.

Contest judge is Steve Soper. Steve has had a long and distinguished career as a photographer, digital artist, graphic designer, and Photoshop specialist. He is responsible for preparing the Donnie catalog for publication. He was co-judge of MOCA's legendary Cork Gallery Show at Lincoln Center in 2004.

MOCA will publish a full-color catalog of the show.


First Prize
Bjoern Daempfling
Hirnwald (Brainforest)

Second Prize
Osvaldo Buccafusca
Back in the Cube

Third Prize
Jim Jasinski

Honorable Mention #1 from the Donnie 2015
Pauline van de Ven
When the Going Was Good

Honorable Mention #2f rom the Donnie 2015
Renata Spiazzi
Joie de Vivre

Honorable Mention #3 from the Donnie 2015
Gina Topping
Morgan The Paint

Honorable Mention #4 from the Donnie 2015
Renata Spiazzi

Honorable Mention #5 from the Donnie 2015
Eric Wayne
Awakening upon Death of the Bride of the Creature


Irene Caesar's AutoGallery 2011 exhibit

Irene Caesar, Ph.D. is an artist-provocateur who creates absurd performances documented by photography as ideological and aesthetic subversions. She is a mid-career artist with her artworks in four American Museums and gallery representation all over the world.

In 2010, Irene Caesar participated in two major group shows at the Alexandre Gertsman Gallery, SoHo, NYC which represents her in NY, alongside such world-famous artists as Komar & Melamid, Grisha Bruskin, and Natalia Nesterova. In 2011 she participated in the group show from the Kolodzei Art Foundation Collection at the Chelsea Art Museum alongside such world-famous artists as Mihail Chemiakin, Komar and Melamid, Oscar Rabin, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Dmitri Plavinsky, Ernst Neizvestny, and Natalia Nesterova; as well as in Artantique Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands, represented by the Eduard Planting Gallery. Irene Caesar was born in 1963 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She lives in the NYC.

Irene Caesar's art on the Web

Arthur Danto with Wise Puffy Cheese Doodles

Ash to Ash Dust to Dust


God Is One Pagan Jewish

In Principio Erat Verbum2

Marie Antoinette

Modern Still Life

My Own Little Caravaggio

Push First Social Motion

Salvation Now

Self Portrait as Still Life


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Lisle Drake resides in the Hill Country of Texas. She writes:

"Alchemy is the art of transformation of base elements into precious new forms, and each of my works represents one aspect or another of that magical art... I've been an artist all my adult life, working in a wide range of media from pen and ink on paper to batik and other techniques on fabric. I've been using the computer as both a tool and medium since my first 128K Mac Classic in 1985. I get most of my ideas through dreams, and my dreams tend to run in series, sometimes over many years. Each time a dream occurs I find something new in the dream and I spend lots of time capturing these memories either on paper or working directly in the machine. These memories, which fill hundreds of sketch books and computer files, are the raw material from which my finished works are made.

"I work principally with Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator, and my input devices are a high resolution scanner and a Wacom tablet. As I begin work on a new piece I make decisions about which elements are already in my archives and which will have to be created new. If new elements have to be created I might sketch the piece on paper and scan it in, or I might begin working in a Painter or Illustrator file using my Wacom tablet, or I might grab an old digital file and begin manipulating the element directly in Photoshop." This is an art both wondrous and gloriously playful.

Lisa Drake's Grandmaster exhibit at MOCA

Lisa Drake is a MOCA grandmaster. Here is a sample of her work.


Paradise is Perfect Balance

Things Becoming New

Dancing through Chaos

Oh Eye See


Mark Leeds

Mark Leeds is a digital artist in San Diego, CA. These images are in homage to Renata Spiazzi, also a San Diego artist.







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