November 30, 2016
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Going Beyond Religion

""I have no professional training in art. My creative imagination is a gift from God. When I am creating I am satisfied, I am free! I no longer just exist, I am alive! I do not feel worthless, hopeless, alone, sad, afraid, ashamed, guilty, down-hearted, unloved, uncared for, doubtful, and discontented and the likes. Above all I am able to love my Creator and my fellow humans. My experience is gratifying! I can see the real me in my works. At the beginning I created to feel better. Now I create because I feel better. My works are not thought out. I do not think when I create, rather than thinking of what I am creating I feel what I create. Therefore, I believe what I am inside shines through my creations. These images mirror the beauty within me."

Rosemary Ollison's website













Inspired by Venice

"Lindell Lee McElfresh's career in advertising photography took him from Los Angeles and New York to six years abroad, based in Melbourne, Singapore, and, finally, Copenhagen, before returning to New York's Tribeca in 1990. At that time he decided to concentrate on painting, but within a year became intrigued - if not obsessed - by the artistic potential of computer imaging. Largely self-taught, many of his earliest computer work is now locked away on archaic storage media. Since then he has created thematic groups of prints utilizing images scanned from his painting and photography. His recent work has been inspired by Venice, where he and his wife live when not at home in Manhattan. His current project is based on the monuments and iconography of Il Cimitero di S. Michele.

"These images were inspired by visits in 2004 to rooms XXII and XXIII of the Academia Galleries where Lindell Lee McElfresh first encountered the painting of Venetian master Vittore Carpaccio and envisioned a series of capricci in which a Renaissance cast of characters would appear against a new backdrop of contemporary Venetian scenes. McElfresh set about photographing Venice as a myriad of "elements," including architecture and sculpture, land and lagunascapes, skies and canals, animals, birds, and boats. He then dissected, reassembled, and ultimately transformed these elements into a new, yet painterly environment in which Carpaccio's sumptuously costumed, elegant, often ceremonious Venetians could enact new roles. This fanciful combination - or capriccio - is a kind of art historical continuum through which McElfresh has created his own personal view of Venice. It is a place where the past and present, the real and fantastic are seamlessly intertwined."

Lindell Lee McElfresh's website

"La Favola del Rialto"

"Piazetta San Marco"


"Realto Nocturn"

"In Guardia"

"Il Moro alla Laguna"


"San Giorgio Maggiore"

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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art


Digital Art Gallery Online
Digital gallery of best pictures and photos from portfolios of digital artists.

Digital Art Served
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Soho Arthouse (Soho Gallery For Digital Art)
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Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is a contemporary gallery in downtown LA dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, new media, digital video.

Community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.

Almost entirely 3D rendered art from such programs as 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave and others.

Museum of Computer Art
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Digital Art Online
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Museum of Digital Fine Arts
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Horrnung is a MOCA grandmaster. Below are five new images received from him.

Werner Hornung's Grandmaster exhhibit at MOCA

"Brainstorming" by Werner Hornung

"Dance with Me" by Werner Hornung


"Hitchhiker's Guide" by Werner Hornung

"I'm Raderwerk" by Werner Hornung

"The Harder You Practise the Luckier You Get" by Werner Hornung


Jeffrey Z Rothstein

I specialize in digital deconstructions of photographs, drawings, advertising logos and iconic images;
all of which are reconfigured and abstracted into suggestive images that (I hope) mimic and reflect
the fragmentation which is a principle aspect of the present cultural discourse.

Jeffrey Z Rothstein's art on the Web


"Blackdots-Galactic Ecstasy1"

"Calligraphy4-e5-Pattern Reconnaissance"

"Gesture of Good Intentions-Codex"


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