November 15, 2016
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Drawn on a Tablet

"I do all of my work on the computer using a tablet. I will sometimes give in to using a part of a photograph, but I mostly draw from memory. I am passionate about culture and believe man to be its center, hence I am a figurative painter. I was trained in graphic arts way back at the beginning of conscious life, but have always been addicted to painting. Digital art, as some have already discussed, is a wonderful tool to paint and create things with. What would Goya or Rembrandt do with it if they were alive today? We all try to visualize it in someway.

"I believe that in digital art there is a form and a content that need to be developed. Both should work together as they do in oriental prints or in the work of the great engravers. It is ultimately about where you are going to put it, on paper or on a screen. Personally I am looking to print it; thus the paper substrate plays a very important part in how I work. I am looking to have my images play with the paper I print on, so the mix between drawing and painting with a splash of photos."

"As We Wait"


"Lying Woman"

"Once Upon a Time

"Petite Fille"





"The Secret"


Jotography [ Sic ]

JT Loh aims to capture the spirit and beauty of all that he photographs. He calls his work Jotography.

He is a passionate photographer, interested in all aspects of photography and the photographic process. He is also proud to have experience in film, television and theatre.

Parchments is the name of this series, pieces of visual poetry that merge nature and man into one spirituality, lighting a scroll of the mind, body and spirit.









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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art


Digital Art Gallery Online
Digital gallery of best pictures and photos from portfolios of digital artists.

Digital Art Served
Top work in categories such as computer graphics, matte painting, digital painting and photo manipulation.

Soho Arthouse (Soho Gallery For Digital Art)
Event space, gallery, tech, film screening room, product launches, pop-up, fashion week, charity art shows in NYC.

DAM - Digital Art Museum
Museum and gallery

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is a contemporary gallery in downtown LA dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, new media, digital video.

Community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.

Almost entirely 3D rendered art from such programs as 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave and others.

Museum of Computer Art
Nonprofit US educational corporation chartered by the NYS Department of Education.

Digital Art Online
Online digital art exhibition space. Includes thematic exhibitions.

Museum of Digital Fine Arts
Spotlighting the most brilliant new artists of the modern age.


Drawing on Life Experiences

Started playing around in Photoshop in late 2006 and quickly realized after I mastered the tools that I could create art.

Since that time I created over 2000 pieces and over 1800 pieces are archived on Flickr in their chronological order.

Although I've been influenced by Dali and Picasso and others, I have developed my own style and drawing from my life experiences.

There is a heavy use of filters throughout my work and there is an accent on air brushing.

Over 94% of my work is created from scratch in Photoshop.

Bob Rafto's art on the Web

"Whirlpool" by Bob Rafto

More Art by Bob Rafto

"Days of Old"

"Lost in Thought"

"Great Procrastinator"

"Harsh Words Were Spoken and a Friendship Was Broken"


"Sea of Love"

"Surfers Heaven"

"Taking Pieces from Me"

"Blue Moon Dreamingl"

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