October 31, 2016
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Computer Painting: Halloween Collection

I was born in 1952 at Nadiad, Gujarat, India. From my very child hood philosophy, paintings, poems, and literature would delight my inner elements like mind, sense, ego and heart. Even in those days I always tried to express my views, dreams and ideas with the help of forms, colors and words. This process gradually led me to be a self thought painter and writer.

I graduated in commerce in 1972. After doing a job for good 18 years I started my own academy for education in Ahmedabad.

I did my first show of compu-paintings in 2000 at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. Bansilal dalal, the art critic had mentioned that it was the first of a kind one man show in Gujarat. After that I did few more one man shows of paintings in India. I had participated in painting exhibitions and competitions and had achieved quite a few awards. My work and new experiments of compu -paintings were recognized by many news papers, magazines, artists, TV channels and art lovers. Besides these I arranged art competitions for schools for children up to 16 years through my academy.

I have been in MA, USA since April 2013. I had submitted 8 paintings to the museum of computer art and had also participated in Donnie 2015 art competition. One of my paintings was selected as a director's choice.

Harshad Shah's art at MOCA:



"Halloween Collection 22"

"Halloween Collection 23"

"Halloween Collection 24" by Colin Aiken

"Halloween Collection 25"

"Halloween Collection 26"


Eye and Mind

Charles H. Carver operated the Eye and Mind Studio in Newburgh, NY. He trained in biology and started his career as a scientific illustrator. His own "organic and perceptual" style has evolved "in contrast to the technical and synthetic productions associated with digital art." His work has been shown in the United States, Australia, Europe, and Russia and in Seybold Seminars and Macworld Digital Art Award Contests. He is a featured artist in the book "Secrets of Award Winning Digital Artists" published by Wiley Publishing in September, 2002. His work would seem to have a deep intellectual undercurrent.

Charles H. Carver's art on the Web

"Moon Bath


"Flesh: A Cowboy's Will"

"The Passion of Aphrodite and Death-by-Chocolate"

"Still Life with Fruit"

"Word Up"

"Cupid In-the-Visible"

"At the Drive In (Theater of Consciousness)"

"Fertile Idols"


"Primal Perception"


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Forms and Colors

Helga Schmitt was born 1936 in Augsburg, Germany. As late as 1998 the retired bookseller taught herself the technical knowhow and started the making of digital art, encouraged by her good relation to contemporary fine arts throughout her life. Very often her computerwork is based on photographs taken by herself. Amidst real landscape and architecture she's interested not only in the atmospere, the contrasting colors, the proportions; even more the small details and structures discovered will inspire her. By transforming, reconstructing and regrouping these elements she tries to create brandnew situations, topographies, alternated views, and virtual artifacts.

Helga Schmitt's website

"Erzsébet" by Helga Schmitt

More Art by Helga Schmitt

"Alien Riff"




"Scene of Crime"


"Red Shape"

Atelier Progressif Creative Space
Video and Print Art Exhibition
November 4, 2016 through December 2, 2016
Opening reception Friday, November 11th from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Atelier Progressif Creative Space is happy to announce our upcoming show of artists' work,
selected from The Second Catskill Digital Art Competition.

Atelier Progressif chose artists whose work best represents the vanguard of today's digital art movement.

Video Art
From the New Media/Video gallery at MOCA: Museum of Computer Art
Truman Brown
Jeremie Brunet
Gerhard Mantz
Jason Rampe
Hajo Drott

2D Digital Work
Richard Monniski
Rayota Matsumoto
James Mai
Greg Shapley

We hope the exhibit will be enjoyed as a reservoir of some of the most original and dramatic computer-generated work
in its various forms and manifestations, including 3-D rendered images, fractals, enhanced photography, animation,
mixed media, and computer-painted and -drawn art.

The show is a reflection of our mission to seek out and identify individuals who utilize technology to create and promote
meaningful new artwork.  We aspire to contribute toward shaping how art is created and consumed in the digital era.

Atelier Progressif Creative Art Space is looking to give space and support to artists who use digital tools to create
art and art projects that benefit society.

Atelier Progressif Creative Space
  75 Bridge Street
Catskill, NY 12414
Gallery hours: Friday - Sunday 12 - 4:30, and by appointment.

This show sponsored and curated soley by Alelier Progressif.

For additional information please contact Atelier Progressif:
Phone 518.768.7787

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