September 15, 2016
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3D Rendered Art

An artist printmaker in England for 40 years initially using screen process printing, but using wholly digital means for the last 16 years. I use Painter, Photoshop, Chaoscope and many more programs using a graphics tablet to 'draw' the work, aided sometimes by scanned or photographic input. Many images still derive from the landscape but are reprocessed, manipulated, broken up and fused with other images. With each evolving layer, traces of previous states remain visible in a kind of palimpsest. Working with screen printing in multiple transparent layers the move to using digital layers was a natural and easy progression. Recently I have been exploring rending images in 3D using my own print images to 'paint' the surfaces of apparently solid objects. The results appear to be enigmatic puzzles or games for which nobody knows the rules. I have my own large format printer, so I am in control of the entire output process using quality pigmented inks and heavy acid free papers, or in the case of the largest print, on canvas.

Gained a degree at Cardiff College of Art, and a postgraduate teaching degree from the Institute of Education, University of London. Taught briefly in London before setting own my own studio in the beautiful Cotswold Hills. After 25 years also began to lecture in Professional Practice at Hereford College of Arts. Retired after 16 years after creating new studio to concentrate on printmaking once more. Taken part in over 200 exhibitions. Published short book 'Making an Impression' to celebrate 40 years of continuous printmaking.

"The Emissaries"


"For ever and ever"

"Game without rules"

"Life is like that"


Fragmentation Series

This 'Fragmentation Series' is taken directly from images I have captured off my TV monitor when the screen was breaking up and 'pixelating' due to wind, bad weather, or simply poor reception. I consider these to be 'found images' because I do nothing other than slight cropping. I sit in front of the TV and photograph the screen with my Canon digital EOS, 20D camera.

It is a combination of luck, magic, and patience to catch the image at the exact right moment. I want it to be recognizable, yet abstract at the same time, playing with light, shapes, textures, contrast and form. I want to give the viewer something they can relate to, but also expand on the meaning of what is happening in the scene.

Sherry Karver's website

"Fragmentation Series1"

"Fragmentation Series2"

"Fragmentation Series3"

"Fragmentation Series4"

"Fragmentation Series7"

"Fragmentation Series8"

"Fragmentation Series10"

"Fragmentation Series11"

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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art


Digital Art Gallery Online
Digital gallery of best pictures and photos from portfolios of digital artists.

Digital Art Served
Top work in categories such as computer graphics, matte painting, digital painting and photo manipulation.

Soho Arthouse (Soho Gallery For Digital Art)
Event space, gallery, tech, film screening room, product launches, pop-up, fashion week, charity art shows in NYC.

DAM - Digital Art Museum
Museum and gallery

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is a contemporary gallery in downtown LA dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, new media, digital video.

Community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.

Almost entirely 3D rendered art from such programs as 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave and others.

Museum of Computer Art
Nonprofit US educational corporation chartered by the NYS Department of Education.

Digital Art Online
Online digital art exhibition space. Includes thematic exhibitions.

Museum of Digital Fine Arts
Spotlighting the most brilliant new artists of the modern age.


Computer Painting

I was born in 1952 at Nadiad, Gujarat, India. From my very child hood philosophy, paintings, poems, and literature would delight my inner elements like mind, sense, ego and heart. Even in those days I always tried to express my views, dreams and ideas with the help of forms, colors and words. This process gradually led me to be a self thought painter and writer.

I graduated in commerce in 1972. After doing a job for good 18 years I started my own academy for education in Ahmedabad.

I did my first show of compu-paintings in 2000 at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. Bansilal dalal, the art critic had mentioned that it was the first of a kind one man show in Gujarat. After that I did few more one man shows of paintings in India. I had participated in painting exhibitions and competitions and had achieved quite a few awards. My work and new experiments of compu -paintings were recognized by many news papers, magazines, artists, TV channels and art lovers. Besides these I arranged art competitions for schools for children up to 16 years through my academy.

I have been in MA, USA since April 2013. I had submitted 8 paintings to the museum of computer art and had also participated in Donnie 2015 art competition. One of my paintings was selected as a director's choice.

Harshad Shah's art at MOCA:



Compu-Painting by Harshad Shah

Call for Artists
Atelier Progressif Creative Space
The Second Catskill Digital Art Competition


Atelier Progressif Creative Space in Catskill, NY, is interested in pushing the boundaries of digital art and technology. We are soliciting critical essays, film, artwork, design, and process pieces that employ the tools of digital culture. We believe the new generation of artists has a unique perspective as it engages digital culture socially, professionally, creatively, and theoretically. Young thinkers and creators fuel the process of digitization and the subsequent culture erupting from these processes, and many of their decisions will impact the future of our creative perspective. Eligibility: Competition is open to all artists age 18 and over working with digital media. What we want: Audio, multi-media, and new media pieces. All submissions should employ digital media tools in some way. Top three Winners will have a one-person show at Atelier Progressif.

Rules, Guidelines, and Instructions for Submissions

All submissions must represent the actual artwork as closely as possible. If your work is misrepresented in anyway, we reserve the right to refuse to hang the artwork if it should be chosen for a live show.

Submissions must be made online via our submission form. Your upload must accompany online payment or it will not be recognized.

Submission images are the means by which the Gallery will determine which artworks will be accepted for competition. We are not asking for the originals at this time. Due to inconsistencies, we ask that you do not watermark your images but please note that our primary use of the image will always be alongside text which credits the artist.

JPG Images

Your submission images should be smaller than 1 MB each. A good rule of thumb is to set the image resolution to 72 ppi and keep the long dimension of the image under 1024 pixels.

Your files must be labeled: First name, Last name, Title of the piece, Medium, Height x Width in inches.jpg. Make sure to place underscores between your name and the name of the piece (i.e. your name_art title_medium_HxW.JPG).

Video Requirements

For video submissions, upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo and submit their URLs via email. The first minute of each video will be reviewed.

Selection Criteria

Artist submissions will be selected based on skill, technique, and originality.
Submissions should be cohesive and reflect a discernible creative sensibility.

There will be a number of opportunities for solo exhibitions and also some group shows. If your work is being considered for a solo show, more jpgs may be requested.

Processing fee is $45.00 via Pay Pal

If your submission is accepted, we will ask you to send your images to our office for gallery exhibition. Return postage must be included with winning entries. Please take care to ship your artwork carefully with padding and we will return it to you in the same box with the same padding. The return postage can be a label or a bill of lading from UPS, FedEx or USPS included with your artwork; local artists may deliver in person, by appointment.

For gallery exhibitions all artwork must be labeled on the back with artist name, price, and name of piece.

All artwork must be delivered by at least 5 days before the art reception. Artists will be notified of their status via e-mail.


Entry into this exhibition constitutes artist's permission for Atelier Progressif to reproduce work for publicity purposes, both in print and digital form.

Liability and Sales

Atelier Progressif will observe every care and precaution, but cannot be responsible for loss or damage of accepted artworks. Accepted artists must contract with Atelier Progressif to exhibition terms including, but not limited to, installation schedule and liability waiver.

Atelier Progressif reserves the right to reject work not accurately represented by the images submitted, not properly framed, or arrives unsuitable for hanging/display.

Artists are responsible for shipping or delivery. Detailed instructions will be provided after notification.

Participating artists shall receive 65% of sales of any art sold by Atelier Progressif.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: October 05, 2016

Notification to artists: October 15, 2016

Deadline for Delivery of work: October 30, 2016

Exhibition Opening Night: Friday November 06, 2016

This competition is sponsored, organized and directed soley by the Atelier Progressif Gallery. The Museum of Computer Art is not a participant in any way in this event.

For additional information on this competition, please contact:
Atelier Progressif
Yechiam Gal / Principal
Phone 518.768.7787

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