July 31, 2016
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by Sam Norris

Sam Norris is a photographer with a long involvement in art. He received a BA in communications (illustration) with a minor in fine art. He wrote, "I used traditional media of many types until the middle 1990's when I switched to 2D photographic manipulation and computer illustration. Some of my photography is traditional but most is manipulated to one degree or another. I work mainly with Photoshop but use other software as well. I work with many subjects and techniques. My work cannot be described as having a distinctive 'look'."

Norris has an exquisite compositional sense. The exhibit here of seven of his photographs is intended to showcase his expertise in abstract, still life and landscape photography.

Photographer Biography

Sam Norris, who died in April of 2010, wrote:

"Art has been a diversion, companion and frustration to me for many years.

"I started drawing for relaxation in the early 1970's, and moved from there gradually towards a Bachelors in Graphic Design with a minor in Fine Art.

"Somewhere along the way I started using photography as a reference tool for the traditional paintings I was doing. That led the way to pursuing the photographic arts instead of the more traditional media. Then when computers emerged with the capability of manipulating digital images, I found my calling.

"I believe that current endeavors in the photographic arts, and computer generated art are the melding of it and more traditional media, and that they are becoming one.

"My biggest condemnation from instructors, mentors and other artists is that I am largely unfocused. But when I like something as an image, it makes no difference to me if it is saturated to the max, soft focused and gentle, an abstract from a good landscape or a street scene with emotion attached to it. So be it.

"My photographic art is usually straight-forward relying on montage mainly, but often is more involved. I work mostly in Photoshop, but also in software called Canvas and occasionally Corel Painter.

"On the other hand, traditional photography is just as stimulating. A good black and white is a marvel to behold."

Sam Norris's art on the Web

"Cows x3 Trees x3"

"Emerald Bay"


"Fish Abstract"

"La Push, Wa."

"Old & New"

"Still Life"

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Joel Mariano

An exhibition of seven 3D images

"Born in Manila, Philippines, Joel F. Mariano grew up in California's San Francisco Bay Area since the age of seven. His first memories of doing art was at age four, on All Souls Day, when it was customary for Catholic Filipinos to celebrate the lives of the dead by parading and paying respect in the cemeteries. During the night, candles were abundant, and he gathered melting wax to form little sculptures of people. The other children feared that spirits embodied the little figurines--it was this time that Mariano first realized the power of art, and his affinity for sculpture. Also at this age, he was amazed at the imaging power of television, and his mother often had to stop him from playing with the horizontal, and going too close to the screen as he observed the phosphors.

"He got his undergraduate degree in Fine Art from the University of La Verne, La Verne, CA (1980-84). At ULV he got a firm foundation in the fundamentals of drawing, oil painting, etching, and sculpture. However, he never forgot his fascination for the electronic screen and the moving image. His Senior art show's theme was 'Motion in Stillness,' concentrating on the image or sculpture's composition in potential kinetic energy. This led him to decide to do his graduate studies in experimental animation at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA (1984-87). At CalArts he experimented with real-time analog video synthesis, and computer graphics. It was here that he began to process many of his drawings with video and computer graphics. He explored animation not only for cinematic sense, but also considered it as a way to obtain stills in a time-based medium. His experiments also involved percussive modulation of the image--a technique he is still experimenting with in today's 3D computer graphic and video imaging.

"Very aware of the fundamentals of traditional arts that have been with artists for hundreds of years, he explored software (which often changed every six months) imaging in ways that would be unique to itself rather than imitation of oil or watercolor painting. He has now amassed a critical amount of work in this vein. Some are purely synthetic, and others incorporate textures from nature such as tropical plant foliage or hand drawings. As a fine artist, he has been focusing on the unique visual consequences of computer graphic imaging--as well as combining it with traditional hand drawings, videos, and photographs. His goal is for the art to speak for itself where the computer imaging techniques are not essential for admiring the aesthetics. Many people who collect his work have no idea how it was done--just that it is new and different.

"Mariano attempts to inspire a pure uncontrived vitality with his images by orchestrating colorful, spatial, rhythmic, and textural relationships contained within the virtual forms. He cultivates the mysterious, the spiritual, and the magical notions of structure within abstract and stylized designs."

Inages by Joel Mariano:

"Blue Anomaly"


"Heart of an Angel"

"Moonlit Bird"

"Purple Convergence"

"Sunlit Fish"



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In 1999, Fractalicious® founder Kimberly Hansen had a devastating car accident that changed her life. Breaking her back, and twisting her spinal cord in her upper back, she had to re-invent herself and her life, as she could no longer work at her current job. A wife and mother of one, she was determined to find some way to productively fill her time, to find a way to contribute as she had before, re- learning to do it all paralyzed in a wheelchair.

With a background in writing, theater, dance and photography, she knew in her heart she wanted to do something creative. Something she was not able to explore as freely before her injury, but now she had time.

During her soul searching, she discovered fractal art, a digital art form based upon mathematics, full of abstract shapes and infinitely, repeating lines and spirals. Something just clicked. She had found her artistic calling, outlet, and medium. Soon after, a dream was born.

Kimberly began selling her art, traveling to art shows, and building up her reputation as 'the fractal lady' in the western United States.

Her artwork has been featured in jurried art shows and galleries across the Western United States, hangs in homes and businesses across North America, and is featured on licenced products, worldwide and is the proud owner of the registered trademark brand, Fractalicious...

Kimberly R. Hansen's website

Art by Kimberly R. Hansen



"Cheshire Cat"


"Life Cycles"

"Time after Time"

"Winter Wonder"


by Mark Leeds

These five images below by Mark Leeds are being shown at
the Orange County Fair (California) from July 15 to Aug 14, 2016

"Untitled 116"

"Untitled 131"

"Untitled 134"

"Untitled 135"

"Untitled 136"

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