July 15, 2016
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Jan Kolling

Archipelago: Sharing the Paradox of Not Having a Vision

The genius of Jan Kolling is the persistence of his vision.

Kolling emerged into digital art after a more conventional career as a painter. His digital tools, some of which he devised himself, enabled him to incorporate photographic techniques into his art. Thus was born slowly but inevitably a highly personalized idiosyncratic style that Kolling pursued with uncompromising determination and courage. It is sometimes hard to tell now whether Kolling's art is a menage of photography and drawing, or neither or both. It exists in a third world, or in another world, beyond photography and painting. There is no conventional wisdom in Kolling's art. There is no "beauty" in the ordinary sense, no portraiture, almost no objectivity that we can ordinarily recognize. It is beyond abstraction. It is not an easy style and it may be indecipherable. It is a style that he alone has pursued. Kolling is working beyond talent. He is working where talent, discipline and courage converge.

Favourite Quote:
Sören Kierkegaard: "I'd rather be an apostle than a genius".

Elegant 58-page full-color catalog of Jan Kolling's one-man show at Museum of Computer Art physical gallery in Brooklyn NY June 1 to 18, 2010. Softcover $36.39 (plus shipping)
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Introduction by Don Archer, Essay by J.D. Jarvis

"Poverty Sculpture"

"Tanglewood Mind a Bit Dirty"

"Wannabee Abstract"

"Hook Brush and Dirt"

"Speaking in Tongues"

"Blue Flag Nation"

"Eye Candy"

"Hook Brush and Dry"

"Kitchen Sink Drama"

"Kitchen Sink Sculpture."

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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art

Kolling visited the Brooklyn show (from Holland) in June 2010, camera in hand. Here are four images from that portfolio.

"New York 036-6"

"New York 016-6"

"New York 043-1"

"New York 106-10 "


More works by Jan Kolling from other series

"Crime Scene Sculpture"

"Nobody Paints Like I Do"

"The Flowers of Romance"


"The Newborn Object"


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Anjo Lafin

Anjo Lafin lives in Tasmania, Australia. She says, "I am fascinated by the idea of building images that attempt to convince, by means of visual excitement and a sense of drama and presence, that they belong to a universe with its own special rules. Sometimes the result is digital art as theatre. I hope that the images tease perception and recognition. The effects may be surreal, bizarre, weird, wacky and cover all moods. You may discover darkness here as well as beauty."

Anjo Lafin's Digital-Art-Ways site


Art by Anjo Lafin

"Comes Microchipped - No Need to Exercise"

"Escaping Midas"


"Masterel Sky"

"Small Submarine Events"

"Spin Doctor Speech Machine"

"The Feelings of Rocks"

"They Are Becoming"

"Warm Perspective"

"World Without Green"

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