Leo Symon

Painting for me is a way of communicating with the world about which I form my views and express them in shapes and colors. But this is only a tool that gets me closer to understanding what I am experiencing (living through). They are not only images of the outside world but also of my inner-self where, by observing or even ignoring my own thoughts, I may find presence. It's so easy, yet so fascinating, that it is worth expressing through painting.

It is not enough for me to try to understand the world; the world should understand me as well. And this is the source of many, if not all, misunderstandings and hence the reason why I devote it considerable attention.

Computer science is only a tool. A tool that I have liked only to such an extent that it would not control me but it would do only what I want to do very quickly. Those are the thousands of small acts shaping lines, surfaces and shapes into a visual form, resulting in the composition of an image.

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