As an architect and a musician, I have always had a deep appreciation for light, form, space, and rhythm. My fascination with the arts started at an early age and paved the way for my career as an architect. Architecture to me is more of a physical experience where we are actually engulfed by a building or a space, whereas music is more of an ethereal experience, one where the listener can simply close his/her eyes and listen. I feel that this simple act of listening can potentially transport and touch us all. To me, art is just an extension of music, but instead of closing one's eyes and listening, we need to only open our eyes and focus on an image.

All my works are manipulated/abstracted/enhanced in some way. I am intrigued with taking a shot that is frozen in time and was once interpreted by people in one way, and then rearranging it somehow to be felt or experienced in different way. Sometimes the manipulations are subtle, while other times they almost reach the point of abstracting a shot to where the viewer isn't quite sure what he/she is looking at.