Nadia Sobin

I never could quite understand what motivates an artist to represent and/or interpret that which already exists in 3-dimensional form. What entices me most as an artist, is to be able to create new forms, original forms, that haven't been seen other words, to bring forth into existence different references, different dimensions, and different interpretations of the "figurative". I have named my explorations "Transfigurativism" or "Transdimensionalism", but these are personal terms that can fall under the auspices of Surrealism.

At once subjective - that "place" from which all artists truly operate - there is also an objectiveness to my work, in that the mysterious "place" from which my images originate, emerge and effectively exist, is also transpersonal... I believe that art is, in fact, a dialogue with the spectator, implementing the spiritual language of form which all humans have access to. It is a mysterious language and its illuminations are likewise mysterious, but it is through the "mysterious" that we grow, expand, and evolve both as individuals and members of a species.