Stefania Santarcangelo

SURREALISM: Cybernetic and Biomechanical

My current study is aimed at surrealism in the detailed biomechanical and cybernetic systems. The work, carried out in black and white, investigates the way of mindfulness.

One avenue, often used, is through the loss of common sense organs. In this way, the viewer develops a sensitivity for the invisible and intangible mechanism that regulates our lives.

It follows the attempt to upgrade the native human capacities. And this replaces on the one hand biomechanics, and cybernetics on the other. The chain himself and the chasing of this combination of colors, white and black, is the strength of this experience, made of empty and full, shadows and lights, confusion and clarity, questions and answers, arrivals and departures. And if uncertainty follows in all the shades of gray, a light haze of red is the certainty of feeling torn.