Jan Gielens

This artwork - whatever be its kind - has a real biological interaction in the mutative, vast time and space, with the living environment, a real energetic communication with material, sensorial and spiritual presence. It gives us the power of an energetic realistic virtuality.

Aguila (b. Jan Gielens, Belgium) is an artist, industrial designer, and founder of the "probability reality", a new art trend in contemporary art. His works consist of paintings, nude drawings, monumental sculpture, monumental installations, conceptual architecture and new concepts on naval design and computer art.

Aguila studied visual and monumental art at the Higher Institute for Arts and Sciences in St Lucas, Brussels under such artists as Jos De Maegd and Maurits Van Saene. He also studied industrial design first at L´Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre in Brussels and then at Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven Holland.

In 1974, Aguila was invited to exhibit his paintings at the University of Ghent Belgium. The former conservator of the Museum for Modern Art in Brussels, late Mrs. Phil Mertens, became interested in Aguila's painting, and recognized him as the founder of a new direction in contemporary art, called, "The multidiimensional Transparent Art".

At Universidad Las Colinas in Elche, Spain, his painting classes were soon being called "The School of Ilicitis". In July 2001, Aguila was awarded the "Premio Juanito Laguna la trayectoria artistic" for the totality of his oeuvre by the Volpens-Stessens foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentinia.