Caroline Klein

Drawn to all things ethereal with a penchant for the surreal, I have been creating, thinking, and dreaming for as long as I can remember. Always yearning for transcendence, I have sought a connection between the temporal and the metaphysical, a means by which to harness it, a canvas upon which to express it. Once I started looking, I began to notice complex patterns and structure everywhere. I began to appreciate the complementary link and beauty of art and mathematics.

Working and dreaming in the digital realm has allowed me to explore and experiment with fractal geometry, tap into hidden structures, and reveal complex patterns that were otherwise inaccessible to me. My art often incorporates the use of such symmetry and geometry, fused with surreality and abstraction, all of which is evident in my work as a digital/graphic artist and photographer.

I have found that there exists the potential for order in seeming randomness, that we exist in a perfect balance of equal parts to a universal whole. My art sets out to evoke the senses aesthetically, but also the mind in a theoretical sense: to fascinate, to uplift, and to transcend. If I can accomplish this, if I can stir my viewers to ponder the innate sense of their connection to the universe and everything in it, then I have empowered them to transcend the ordinary and the mundane by offering them a little slice of infinity. And in a world that is slowly decaying, who couldn't use such a lift?

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