MOCA welcomes submission of your art. There are no membership or registration requirements, and there is no charge for inclusion in our exhibits. Our submission process is open to all digital artists, skilled or unskilled, beginner or expert. We welcome almost any style of art or photography so long as some level of digital technique or input is applied.

MOCA maintains the following online galleries:

  • AutoGallery
  • Open
  • Guest
  • Photo-based
  • Drawn/Painted
  • 3D Rendered
  • Surreal
  • Algorithmic/Fractal
  • New Media/Video

All art is initially posted to our AutoGallery and then transferred at curatorial discretion to a more appropriate gallery as warranted.

AutoGallery is uncurated. That is, none of our curators will review images for acceptance here, although images will be examined to assure that they do not violate standards of propriety or good taste.

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