Don Quackenbush

Don Quackenbush writes, "That I have always been visually oriented, is what led me into Architecture.

"My 30+ year career has been as a non-design oriented architect“ — a pragmatic-technically oriented architect—-working to make the conceptual by others constructable, habitable and enjoyable by those who experience and inhabit it.

"My Compositions stem from what I term “generated doodles”—hand drawn pen/pencil doodles— at times simple, at times complex - “doodles” serving as a springboard to explore a multitude of visually pleasing images & compositions.

"They stem, generate and mutate from my feelings and sense of organization of components, elements and ideas and how these components generate an exploration of a multitude of differing forms and compositions.

"The computer is a fantastic tool just as is a pencil, pen, brush, hammer, chisel. It has allowed expanding the exploration and experimentation potential of these conceptualizations in their various forms, colors, shapes, compositions, textures, collages; this suggests no end to the possibilities—-off-shoots and mutations generate entirely different works feelings and emotions.

"At times purely two dimensional, at other times a representation of a concept modeled in 3D from an original doodle; abstract in nature. Yet the ability to stir the imagination is intriguing, exciting and fascinating."

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