Frank Leon

The artist writes, "This art work is made by a process I call MiacroP. Exploring another world we generally dismiss, I started this series of work where I make an original at a very small scale, using traditional artwork materials. In spaces no larger than one inch, I make the original painting or drawing at this scale on the support paper or another support, then using high magnification macro photography techniques, I take a digital photography and transfer it to the computer where I will work again using different programs. The resulting work will be on a scale that substantially surpasses the original size, creating an art work that reveals details otherwise unnoticed by the human eye. MiacroP is the interaction with technology in a creative way. Thanks to the digital technology and computers the action of painting is catapulted in a way impossible before.

"MiacroP is a new concept in visual arts possible thanks to digital technology.

"MiacroP is the transgression of painting by photography and at the same time, it is the transgression of photography by painting and the transposition of both by digital technology.

"MiacroP has its philosophical base in the Theory of Reductionism and is the result of an analytic-synthetic process that uses the digital technology as a catalyst. The MiacroP word is a contraction of Micro, Macro, Painting, Photography and Miami where this process was born.

"Anything created by this process may be referred as Miacropism."

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