Tom Crayns

"Soft Surreal Artist from the far side of the digital medium. My style tends to focus on compressing the complexity via simplicity, unfolding its mysteries and going beyond the reason. I've always seen things differently; perhaps that's my greatest gift. Born and bred in New York City, my imagination is fueled daily. So lucky am I to experience the diversity. Here in NYC evoke is electric. Late in the night quietly the mouse starts to roar.

"Dipped in contrast; flow packed pixels onto parchment and the little engine that could, -rumbles. Delving through the perplexity of darkness, nothing alters the artistís path. Electrolyte fires across the threshold of imagination, what is left are images evoked by your own engine.

"My computer generated art is tooled with various editors and recently I have incorporated Ultra Fractal 5. Whatever tools I see them as opportunities to explore new enhancements. As powerful expensive tools improve (Id love to have more toys) nothing rumbles more power than our own dreams. Itís so because we make it so."

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Tom Crayn's AutoGallery exhibit