Peter Artboook

"Peter Artboook resides in the Franconia Wine Country of Bavaria, Germany, where he was born in 1955. He started painting at the age of 9, discovered his interest in graphic art, studied at a German design school and travelled for years through Europe and North America, from where he took home thousands of impressions inspiring him to new artworks.

"His art styles are unique and yet diverse: impressionistic paintings, colorful city and landscape photography, surrealistic fantasy collages, political cartoons, digital art and more. Artboook's art techniques were influenced by painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Edward Hopper, but also by the photo art of the National Geographic Magazine.

"The main theme in most artworks since his youth has always been 'America' in all its variety: he photographed and painted US city architecture, landscapes of the American West, impressions of people in daily life scenes, produced collages with interesting regional elements, and in the era of computers he extended his collection with digital artworks. Many of these works strike the visitor's eye with their intense colors, unusual effects or unexpected photographic angles."

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