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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art
139 11th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215
First Anniversary Exhibit
Tuesday, September 8 through Friday, September 25, 2009

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Tom Bovo
The Silk Scarf

Ernst Brunzlik
Sex in the City

Osvaldo Buccafusca
Angel's Path
Burned Out

Leslie Cox

Lisle Drake
Love Child

Hajo Drott
Organic Forms

Eva Gyorffy
The Book

Banu Haznedar

Des Kilfeather
Inspiration USA

Jan Kölling
Man, Head, Machine

Gerald A. Messina
Portrait of a Woman

Randy Morris

Constance Peckman
Bloody String Theory
Minx in the Taj

Mary Sargent
Odd Balls with Tongue 2
Woman and Child

Helga Schmitt
Dreaming Child

Ricardo Szekely
Dance of Nature

Marianne Wiedenfeld
H12-12 Playing Games
H12-18 Secrets

Terry Wright
Palin Rally